Re-Write: A Trauma Workbook of Creative Writing and Recovery in Our New Normal

Re-Write: A Trauma Workbook of Creative Writing and Recovery in Our New Normal

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Re-Write employs practical strategies using evidence-based methodologies with psychological theory within a human-centered design framework.

Not long ago, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication management were the mainstays for trauma-informed care. Now more than ever, patients and clinicians alike are seeking deeper, more somatic, and holistic attachment theory-based forms of treatment to re-write the trauma narrative, such as somatic psychology and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

The pandemic brought about significant changes in our stability, sense of community, and political and economic landscapes. Because of this added stress, we're all experiencing a heightened level of sensitivity, which has resulted in multifactorial trauma responses, an impact that spans nations, ages, and socioeconomic statuses.

Re-Write focuses on the healing journey of the trauma survivor, utilizing easy-to-use methodologies for long-lasting effects. Readers can use the workbook in whatever order they choose, experiment with different techniques from different modalities, and find the ones that meet their needs the best.

In this book, readers will get:
  • Various exercises within trauma-healing methods
  • Specific writing prompts that encourage processing and healing
  • Coping mechanisms you can utilize in everyday life
  • Customizable soothing techniques